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To begin with its name, Elčuthera is clearly identified, as eleuthera is a Greek word that means «free». But it is also the name that was given to a small island in the Bahamas by the Eleutherians, a heretical British sect, who in the 17th century had to flee from Europe due to religious persecutions, and established the first independent republic in the New World, thus creating a community of «free and equal men and women». A realised utopy – just similar in its spirit and intention to Elčuthera, our publishing company. Therefore, we publish books for a libertarian culture. A living culture, rich in history and potential, the ferment as well as the product of the most advanced critics to the hyerarchical principle, to the domination as a way of shaping the society, of living and thinking oneself and the others. While the goal of creating a common background for the many voices of libertarian thinking is undoubtedly an ambitious goal, there is no ambition in our dimensions and plans for a publishing enterprise – as we are still convinced that «small is beautiful» and the concept of limit still mantains a positive meaning. And, «small as it is», Elčuthera works in a way to make out of every new published book a tessera of a mosaic we are going to develop – a mosaic that will remain unfinished, as open as it is the mosaic of freedom.
    Established in: 1986
    Number of published titles: 501