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Pratiche urbane e storie di luoghi

184 pp.
EAN 9788889490501

Urban practices and local histories

The intimacy of the «piazzetta» encroached by cafes' outside sitting, evictions and squatting, the neighborhood football field and migrants' festival, your local corner shop and the proliferation of B & Bs There is conflict in Rome's historical center; its stakes might be economic in nature, yet there is also a political and symbolic aspect to them. The Monti neighborhood, the ancient Suburra still proud of its own autonomy, has been in recent years subject to the double pressure of international tourism and nightlife. Conflicts have inevitably emerged between the «locals» and the new «customers», between those who live in the Rione and those who consume it, between those who defend their local specificity and urban developers.
Based on a five-year long fieldwork City-Making proposes an innovative approach to urban planning, that takes in due account the everyday life experiences of the locals. A narrative approach that while seeking to reconnect the city of stone with the living city is also a call to rethink urban policy.

Carlo Cellamare
, teaches urban theory at "La Sapienza" in Rome. His work focuses on urban planning combining urban theory with anthropology and sociology.
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