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Filippi, Trasatti
la questione animale e l'ideologia del dominio

2015 - I ediz. 2013
Disponibile in formato ebook
296 pp.
EAN 9788896904794
Filippo Trasatti. Massimo Filippi
The animal question and the ideology
of domination

The animal looks at us, and we are naked before it. Thinking begins just from there.
Jacques Derrida

A cat (maybe a female cat) is jumping out of a room. This room is our world that hide the dark side of oppression and extermination of billions of animals and humans under a seemingly comfortable and reasonable surface. The same cat - along with Laika and Foucault, Pierre le Rouge and Derrida, Giu and Deleuze - prowls between these pages to open our eyes to the madness and the horror of normality (slaughterhouses, laboratories and extermination camps), to make us recognize the living foundation of domain structures, to guide us in the dangerous crossing of supposed impassable borders, and to show us the unsustainable difference between 'Human' and 'Animal'. After having drawn into the flow of life, Angel - this is called the enigmatic cat who, with passion, has showed us the incredible suffering of all the nameless - will vanish slowly, leaving us with her smile at the doorway from which you can glimpse the light of liberation.
Indice e segnavia - .pdf
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