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Tra insurrezioni, complotti e galere i tumulti, le contraddizioni e l'incontenibile passione rivoluzionaria dell'anarchico russo

192 pp.
EAN 9788896904893
Michail Bakunin travelled vehemently through his century fighting for an 'excessive ideal of freedom' which irreversibly changed the political imagery of his and our époque. A revolutionary thinker who rooted his ideals in action, he soon became the worst nightmare of policemen worldwide. Incarcerated in many European jails, trialled to death in two empires, imprisoned in Saint Petersburg's Fortress (where all his teeth fell out but he got to have a piano in his cell) he was finally exiled to Siberia. But nothing could stop that huge man, two meters tall and as big as a house, who fled on horseback, sledges, trains and ships to return to Europe and its revolutionary turmoil. There he lived through the First International and confrontations with Marx, the Paris Commune and the Lyon barricades, he then spent some time in Italy where he became known as 'the devil at Pontelungo'.
As with all biographies, there is no happy ending: Bakunin died in Bern in 1876. He was ill and tired, but died dreaming of new revolutions and new worlds.

Alessio Lega was born in Lecce in 1972, he moved to Milan in the Nineties and became one of the most well known singer-songwriters of his generation. Thanks to his work with Il Nuovo Canzoniere Italiano he is considered the most representative example of Italian popular music art, between original songwriting and rediscovery of historical repertoires. He staged hundreds of shows, performances and concerts on politically and socially engaged popular and folk music worldwide. With elèuthera he has co-authored (together with Ascanio Celestini) Incrocio di sguardi, a conversation on madmen, temps, anarchists and other black sheep (2012).

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Milano, 24 febbraio 2016 - Alessio Lega racconta Bakunin - Circolo ARCI La Scighera
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