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gennaio 2018 - I ed. 2016
192 pp.
EAN 9788833020037
ECO-autonomous work
From job sustainability to life practicality

"The work I do is not actually a job but rather a way of life".

In a world where work dominates our day-to-day life and defines our social identity, new entities are emerging (such as ethical purchasing groups, self-managed markets and centres for experimental self-development) that base their activity on the self-organisation of production, social creation and on relationships of useful (not utilitarian) reciprocity between worker-producers and  self-aware citizens. Thanks to these practices, labour/work is gaining values, emotions and quality of experience. An innovative approach, based on a strong application of autonomy, that each player expresses by creating a new language that allows them to express the new, different ways of working and living.

Lucia Bertell lives and works in Verona, where she co-founded Studio Guglielma and TiLT/Territori in libera transizione, a cross-university group on new citizenship practices. She has a long standing interest in participatory design and social research on labour.
rassegna stampa
Sat 01 Sep 2018 - Il manifesto
Lucia Bertell, se lo sguardo si innamora del mondo
Wed 30 May 2018 - Gazzetta di Mantova
Lavoro ecoautonomo
Mon 30 Jan 2017 - Diotima
Lavoro ecoautonomo
Mon 30 Jan 2017 - Leggendaria
Sulle tracce di un diverso lavorare
Thu 10 Nov 2016 - La nuova sardegna
Verde e autonomo, così il lavoro può liberare la vita
Thu 25 Aug 2016 - Il manifesto
Una semplicità difficile a farsi
Tue 03 May 2016 - Comune info
Si vive con meno di quanto si pensi
Sat 30 Apr 2016 - Left
L'isola dove il lavoro diventa ecoautonomo
Lavoro ecoautonomo indice e prefazione - pdf
Bellinzona, 21 aprile 2018 - Lavoro ecoautonomo - Circolo Carlo Vanza
Cagliari, 4 maggio 2018 - Tracce di femminismi nelle reti di vita ecoautonoma - Centro di documentazione e studi delle donne
Mantova, 30 maggio 2018 - Lavoro ecoautonomo - Cinema mignon