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Settembre 2019
192 pp.
EAN 9788833020594
The egosauruses have now become our world’s inhabitants and have quietly taken residence in everyone’s lives and showered them with selfishness.

The Egosaurs

Starting form a series of events that have recently characterised the Italian scenario, these quick chronicles try to show us how these egosauruses behave, think and do politics and how they have quietly penetrated our public world but also the lives of each and every one of us. And they do so mainly by the words they use most – “the people” first of all – and other such terms which are by now devoid of any meaning, and filled with anger, fear and resentment. Words that sound like warnings, but are already hard facts, threatening behaviours, despotic practices. Words that are slowly dulling our ability to perceive. It’s no coincidence that the knowledge that now circulates is saturated aggressiveness, and is mostly mediocre, based on the barbaric idea that one must always “win”, that is, dominate others. This clearly describes the cultural recession we have hit, which is undermining the practice of reflection and making it almost anachronistic. And we are not just talking of critical thinking (of which there is a great need) but of the simple habit of thinking, i.e. taking a minute to think things over.

PIER ALDO ROVATTI was educated in Milan at the school of Enzo Paci, who also gave him the direction of the magazine “aut aut” that he still maintains. At the end of the Seventies he moved to Trieste, where he has taught Contemporary Philosophy until 2012. With Gianni Vattimo he theorized, in 1983, the so-called Pensiero Debole (weak thought). In Trieste he has also collaborated with the world of anti-institutional psychiatry, dedicating a book to Franco Basaglia (Restituire la soggettività, 2013). Author of nu- merous texts, he has carried out a considerable journalistic activity on “la Repubblica”, “Il Piccolo” and “L’Espresso”. Currently, still in Trieste, he directs a School of Philosophy with annual courses accessible to all.

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rassegna stampa
Tue 31 Dec 2019 - La gazzetta del mezzogiorno
Piccoli (o grandi) egosauri crescono
Sun 27 Oct 2019 - La lettura
Il carisma degli egosauri è condannato a sgonfiarsi
Thu 10 Oct 2019 - Internazionale
Gli egosauri
Sun 06 Oct 2019 - Il piccolo
Gli egosauri
Mon 30 Sep 2019 - La voce del tabaccaio
Gli egosauri
Sun 29 Sep 2019 - L'espresso
Gli egosauri
Fri 27 Sep 2019 - Il venerdì
Il paese dove l'io risuona
Sun 22 Sep 2019 - La repubblica Roma
Gli egosauri
Gli egosauri, indice e premessa - pdf