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omosessualità, Chiesa e biopolitiche

132 pp.
EAN 9788889490440
homosexuality, Vatican and biopolitic

In Catholic countries, and for the Vatican, the cause of the scandal, apparently, is not homosexuality but rather the problem of the couples of homosexuals that are accused of shattering the traditional family based on one Father and one Mother, joined by official marriage with the aim to generate children, according to a divine design. But at a less apparent level, the key question is different – is that of Nature and natural right, with its social, political and ethical appendages.   More in depth again, the question of power is at stake is such a regulation of sex and, more in general, in what is general described as "bio-politics". In short, starting from the reject and repression of homosexuality, other themes emerges, about the control of individual life, death, sexuality, reproduction, involving religious institutions as well as governments and technological and scientific bodies.

Filippo Trasatti is history and philosophy teacher, and editor of the educational journal école. By the same author: MINIMAL DICTIONARY OF LIBERTARIAN EDUCATION

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