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indizi di futuro tra guerra e povertÓ

prefazione di Erri De Luca
pp.128 ill.
EAN 9788896904961
Dirty beauty

Specks of our future amongst war and poverty


foreword by Erri De Luca


More than brave leaders, the world needs valiant and genial artisans. Raul Pantaleo, Emergency's master builder, is one of such kind.

Erri De Luca


These 'chronicles from another world' are a first-hand account of the challenges architecture must face when operating within our planet's most destitute areas. It is in the very places where war, poverty, illness or social degradation seem to mould appearances that Pantaleo aims to erect buildings that are not merely functional but also 'outrageously' beautiful. Of a beauty foreign to the dubaification of our collective unconscious currently being exported to the corners of the world. Instead, these buildings are deliberately simple and frugal but rooted in skilful and creative craftsmanship. They are the epitome of beautiful, sturdy architecture which interacts with its surroundings without suffering from their tormented reality and thus becoming a tangible indicator of a better future.


Raul Pantaleo, architect, has devised several medical centres for Emergency ong from Sudan to Sierra Leone, from Iraq to Afghanistan. Pantaleo and the architecture studio he co-founded, TAMassociati, have recently been awarded a number of prestigious prizes (Aga Khan Award for Architecture, Curry Stone Design, Architetti dell'anno 2014, Zumtobel Group Award) and, in 2016, he is also a member of the curatorial team in charge of the Italian Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

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