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maggio 2017
184 pp.
EAN 9788898860531
The America of Our Discontent

The never-closed story of three young guys killed by Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi at the time of the Civil Rights Movement. The epidemic of heroin deaths in the former industrial areas devastated by the lack of work and hope. The murder of  doctors, the fear and anger spread by the war against abortion. Moreover, the expectations and rage of Donald Trump's settlement days and the new lifestyles, sexual habits and affections introduced into the gay community by the PrEP, the prophylactic pill that protects against AIDS. These are the stories recorded by Roberto Festa during his travels from North to South, from East Coast to Midwest across a divided America, marked by extraordinary leaks that sometimes appear to be the last dance on the Titanic bridge, and by a return to a past that was believed to have ended and instead reappears with arrogance to remind us that conquests and rights are never to be given for granted. With the style of non-fiction narrative, Roberto Festa tells stories, records words, ideas, emotions; this is an "all-live" journey but through the gaze of History and long thoughts. What comes out is the portrait of a place that has lost the blaze of the "city on the hill", painfully suspended and uncertain about its own identity, mission, future.

Roberto Festa is a journalist; he is correspondent from the US and collaborates with the Italian newspaper «Il Fatto Quotidiano», the Milanese radio station Radio Popolare and the Italian Swiss Radio. 
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