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dicembre 2016
prefazione di Marco Aime - postfazione di Khalid Rhazzali
144 pp.
EAN 9788898860289
In an anthropological sense, the term counterculture reflects as much a request for more culture as the will to glean into deeper cultural layers than the conventional ones. The counterculture thus stands out as a form of resistance to those processes of deculturation afflicting the contemporary world. Along these lines have also moved the countercultural movements of the Sixties, which have gone towards the Other (the East, the Native Americans...) and, at the same time, in the direction of the deepest recesses of the Same. These cultural processes have produced significant tensions on the anthropological level, triggering a still very lively debate on Modernity and Tradition, as much to wonder if the Beatles were right in singing Get back to where you once belonged: and what if at the end the counterculture was just a disguise of Tradition?
Indice e prefazione di Marco Aime - pdf
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