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settembre 2018
176 pp.
EAN 9788833020242
Pier Aldo Rovatti
The Reluctant Intellectual

A critical, worried, doubtful gaze. If it has a goal, it is to introduce a minimum reserve of ethics into things with the intent, first of all, of activating a reflection instead of the complaint or the simple acknowledgment.

Through rapid scenes, initially conceived as editorials, Rovatti elaborates the chronicle of a year of Italian life, looking at it from the point of view of a minimum ethics. What emerges is a sharp reading of today's Italy, which nevertheless never situates itself above but inside things and which in fact turns into a denunciation of the undertaken cultural drift. What emerges is also the image of a "reluctant" intellectual, who does not make a discount even to himself and who does not conform to the current situation, whether in the school or in the health care sector, to the actual ways of communication or polit- ical speech. Critical arrows that can produce in the reader pauses of authentic reflection, also thanks to the clarity and incisiveness of the adopted linguistic form.

Pier Aldo Rovatti (Modena, 1942) was educated in Mi- lan at the school of Enzo Paci, who also gave him the direction of the magazine «aut aut» that he still maintains. At the end of the Seventies he moved to Trieste, where he has taught Contemporary Philosophy until 2012. With Gianni Vattimo he theorized, in 1983, the so-called «weak thought». In Trieste he has also collaborated with the world of anti-institutional psychiatry, dedicating a book to Franco Basaglia (Restituire la soggettività, 2013). Author of nu- merous texts, he has carried out a considerable journalistic activity on «la Repubblica», «Il Piccolo» and «L'Espresso». Currently, still in Trieste, he directs a School of Philosophy with annual courses accessible to all.
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