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Novembre 2021
a cura di Stefania Proli
200 pp.
EAN 9788833021331
Selected writings by one of the forefathers of participatory planning.

Carlo Doglio
The open plan
curated by Stefania Proli

Dissenting with "Authorship" presumptions, Doglio sees urban planning as a collective and pluralistic process that is to be built through the social interaction of residents, and the territory as an open system in which disorder is allowed and where domination is denied, in order encourage solidarity and sharing.
What kind of society do we want? There is on the one hand a rigid plan typical of a society which is pre-organised according to abstract schemes and which only expects self-confirmation from observations carried out on the field. On the other hand, there is an open plan, flexible and exposed to reality's verification, constantly rearranged by the mutual interaction between human beings and the environment. Starting from this vision, Doglio elaborates a biting critique of the official disciplinarian culture, grasping with great foresight the importance of issues that will be tackled only a few decades later: the necessary interaction between plural and often divergent interests: deliberation as an argumentative dialogue between opposing views; the chance of learning thanks to negotiations and argumentations. The society that emerges out this vision recalls the one that first in some medieval cities, and then in the flow of revolutionary turmoil, came about spontaneously, with no need for a pre-established plan imposed from above: and open and vital society, where the social element is what unites inhabitants, in a continuous and creative participation of everyone towards a collective opus.

CARLO DOGLIO (1941-1995) was a multifaceted personality with vast cultural interests and a friend of famous intellectuals such as Elio Vittorini, Aldo Capitini and Giancarlo De Carlo. Inspired by the works of Kropotkin, Geddes and Mumford, his interests moved towards urban studies. After working for Olivetti he went to England where he also collaborated with Rai and the BBC. Having returned to Italy, he started a career as university professor and in the early seventies in Bologna he obtained a seat as Professor of regional planning. Besides teaching he worked as a urban planner.

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