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Settembre 2021
160 ill. pp.
EAN 9788833021485
The life story of one of the protagonist of radical publishing and of the most famous Italian anarchist magazine.

Paolo Finzi
The (imperfect) practice of anarchy

I never deluded myself into thinking I could change the world. I'm interested in how things get done, interested in the means, not the end. The means that is used is already the end to accomplish. This is what the anarchist magazine "A rivista anarchica" has been. Co-founder, in February 1971, of the most widespread anarchist magazine in Italy, Paolo Finzi has been one of the protagonists of Italian radical journalism, working for almost fifty years as editorial director of the monthly publication "A rivista anarchica" (1971-2020). In these five decades the magazine – the first to internationally adopt the circle-A as a symbol – will touch upon an endless amount of topics balancing between history and current affairs, action and reflection and giving voice to a multitude of opinions, often discordant but always united by a powerful underlying libertarian sensibility. And this is perhaps the greatest value of an editorial experience that is both collective and individual: giving sense and coherence to the composite libertarian universe that has emerged over the last century and half, still safeguarding its intrinsic multiplicity. Paolo committed suicide in July 2020, and unsurprisingly, given their indissoluble connection, even "A" discontinued its publication in the summer of that same year. This Quaderno [Notebook] tells their story.

PAOLO FINZI (28 November 1951-20 July 2020) was born into a family of Jewish origin who fought against Italian fascism in first person. His family history brought him almost naturally to social activism, which starts – as it did for many others – in 1968. Close to the anarchist group of which Giuseppe Pinelli was a member, he'll receive his "baptism of fire" on 12 December 1969, when he was the youngest among those arrested after the explosion of a bomb in Piazza Fontana. The completely "non-accidental" death of Pinelli will leave a mark on him for the rest of his life, as it will mark the life of "A rivista". From that moment, the connection between the two protagonists of this story will almost become symbiotic, so much so that Paolo's existential account is at the same time the story of an editorial experience lasting half a century.

Contributions by: Franco Bertolucci, Furio Biagini, Andrea Breda, Aurora Failla, Alba Finzi, Adriano Paolella, Mimmo Pucciarelli.

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