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Aprile 2023
208 pp.
EAN 9788833022031
Luce Fabbri is a first-rate figure in the history of the anarchist movement, and it is exactly her significant clarity in dealing with the dramas of history that makes these texts so close and valuable.

A Critique of Totalitarianisms
edited by Lorenzo Pezzica
foreword by Goffredo Fofi

Activist, lecturer in history and literature, essay author and poet, Luce Fabbri was a sensitive witness and conscious protagonist of the events and tragedies that spanned the 20th century. During her life, she addressed many of the most burning political and social issues of her time and did so both by remaining faithful to the socialist roots of Errico Malatesta's anarchism and of her father Luigi's, and by drawing on the most diverse and stimulating currents of contemporary critical thought. In this anthology, Fabbri writes not only about freedom and revolution but also about the nature of the contemporary State and, with particular foresight, the rise of a new and insidious technobureaucratic class. It is precisely this original contribution she makes to the theme of totalitarianism ľ which she experienced firstly with Italian fascism and then with the 1970s Uruguayan dictatorship ľ that places her on the same level of the greatest radical intellectuals of the 20th century.

LUCE FABBRI (1908-2000), daughter of the well-known anarchist activist and intellectual Luigi Fabbri, since her childhood received an education marked by solidaristic and libertarian ideals. In 1928 she clandestinely emigrated to France to join her father, an anti-fascist exile. In 1929 Luce settled with her parents in Uruguay. Initially, a lecturer in History in secondary schools and then in Italian Literature at the Universidad de la Rep˙blica (Montevideo). She collaborated with various international publications, including the Italian "VolontÓ" and "A rivista anarchica", and published several poetry collections and numerous essays on both political-social and literary subjects.

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Luce Fabbri e l'idea (sbagliata) di una terza via sistemi
Critica dei totalitarismi indice e prefazione - pdf