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Antropologia della sovversione quotidiana

144 pp.
EAN 9788889490167
We - A Practice of Everyday Subversion

A "live" narration of radical and libertarian culture. "The movement is its culture", Boni says. A culture that is made up of basic values, shared imaginary, feelings and aversions. All this translates into everyday practices a special style of life. It is in everyday life that an antagonist identity is built up. This is the meaning of the title "WE". Accordingly, the book is first intended to "US" – the libertarian and radical activists – to help them to become aware of their practice, but it is also addressed to all the people who want to understand better their sons and brothers, their neighbours or, more simply, a part of humanity.

Stefano Boni, born in 1970, a Ph.D at Oxford, two years' field research in Africa,  since 2001 has taught Political Anthropology at the University of Siena and since 2004 Social Anthropology at the University of Modena.
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Lunedì 23 Ottobre, ore 10.30 - Presentazione di VIVERE SENZA PADRONI - Milano, Università Bicocca
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25 marzo 2009 - presentazione VIVERE SENZA PADRONI - Bologna
San Benedetto Del Tronto, 31-8 / 2-9 201 - Festival Pensare Altro - Stefano Boni