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novembre 2016 - I ed. 1986
prefazione di Riccardo Falcinelli - curatela di Stefano Vittori
144 pp. / ill.
EAN 9788898860265
Free Sign
by Ferro Piludu

with a critical essay by Riccardo Falcinelli accompanied with unpublished archival materials

Segno libero, as the author defines it, is not a book, rather it is a screwdriver, a brush, an instrument to learn how to communicate. It was first published in 1981, the result of about a decade of work, and discussions and endless notes on the analysis of communication messages and how to break them down, layout design and low-cost techniques to reproduce at home.

A cult book that has become a favorite in communication and design courses. The new edition is enriched with a historical and critical preface and sixteen new color pages, where Riccardo Falcinelli chronicles the life and work of Ferro Piludu and the Gruppo Artigiano Ricerche Visive:  from the work on large commissions to political involvement, from design methods to the collaboration with libertarian publishers (starting with elèuthera, since the beginning).

It sees the return of key text that will appeal to enthusiasts of Italian graphic design history, but also a practical tool - especially today, thanks to the rise of digital auto-production - for those who have things to say and stories to tell.

Ferruccio "Ferro" Piludu (1930-2011), graphic designer and illustrator, has worked with many companies and institutions since the sixties, including: RAI, Radiotelevisione Della Svizzera Italiana, Alitalia, Olivetti, Fiat, Pfizer, RCA, Vallardi, European Community, IFAD and numerous collaborative learning projects in collaboration with the municipalities of Rome and Turin. He has designed opening titles, animations and experimental films, including the iconic dove for "lunedifilm" RAI, which has indelibly marked the imagination of at least three generations. In 1970, he founded the Gruppo Artigiano Ricerche Visive that would become an influential graphic studio for almost three decades and a melting pot for the Roman cultural scene.  Some of his work has been presented at the museum of Modern Art in New York, Triennale in Milan, International Design Zentrum in Berlin and at major film festivals

Riccardo Falcinelli (1973), among the most respected graphic designer of the contemporary scene, has designed books and series for several Italian publishers such as Einaudi, minimum fax, Laterza, and Eleuthera. He teaches the psychology of perception at ISIA Roma Design and is the author of Guardare. Pensare. Progettare. Neuroscienze per il design (Watch. Think. Design. Neuroscience for design (Stampa Alternativa/Alternative Press 2011). His latest Critica portatile al visual design (Einaudi 2014) (Portable critic of visual design)  has become a cult book in the design world.

Stefano Vittori (1983), the editor of this book, has a degree in industrial design at the University La Sapienza of Rome, with a thesis on the coordinated company image. He has been working as an art director for over ten years, directing projects for institutions, companies, and publishing houses. He is a partner in the firm Falcinelli & Co. that focusses on editorial projects. Since 2012 he is part of the editorial board of the international journal "Graphic Design" published by AIAP.

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