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La Cecla

novembre 2018
176 pp.
EAN 9788833020259
Franco La Cecla
Ivan Illich and The Art of Living

Franco La Cecla takes through the intellectual heritage of Illich, a thinker who has questioned the very idea of progress, development and even modernity, anticipating the criticism of total institutions.

The legacy that Illich has left behind is that of a radical and as timely as ever critique of the existing even if it has often been distorted, misrepresented and misused by those who were potentially its enemies. This book represents the only biography of Illich written by someone, like La Cecla, who knew him directly and intimately as a student and a friend. A difficult relationship, surely, that of a disobedient disciple, a counterpart, converser and debater for twenty years, without ever becoming a follower. Through the events of a life that isn’t ordinary at all, La Cecla proposes an essential reading of Illich’s thought to highlight the extreme importance of systematic doubt and to understand the richness of his contribution in the field of critique of total institutions, of ecological thought, of the new economy, of sexuality...

IVAN ILLICH, (1926-2002), Austrian by birth but American for acquisition, was a writer, educator, philosopher, linguist, theologian and historian of institutions. One of the most radical intellectuals of the second half of the twentieth century, he lived most of his life in Mexico, where he directed the Centro Intercultural de Documentación in Cuernavaca.

FRANCO  LA CECLA, anthropologist and urban planner, has taught Cultural Anthropology in Berkeley, Paris, Venice, Bologna, and Milan. With elčuthera has already published: The Ape car. The only pop way to traffic (2009), Savoir faire. Talking bodies (2009), Virility/Blunt Ways (2010), Objects' emotional lives (2013), A Moral for Everyday Life (2012), Breake up (2014), Local Mind (2015) A Eulogy of the West (2016).

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