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Ottobre 2019
illustrazioni di Fabio Santin
184 / ill. pp.
EAN 9788833020624
Through the personal history of the anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli, Pasi tells us another story, one about the bombing of Piazza Fontana and the begnning of Italian right-wing terrorism. A story which has yet to be concluded that tells the tale of one of the darkest moments of the Italian Republic.

Giuseppe Pinelli, A History
illustrations by Fabio Santin

The life of the italian anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli is tightly bound to that of Milan, a place of political commitment and profound affections. Pino was born in 1928 in one of the most popular and historically rich areas of Milan, Porta Ticinese. Rows of courtyard houses and balconies that look onto noisy arguments between neighbours, of taverns for factory workers and bars for boaters that carry gravel along the canals. Pinelli had already decided which side to take, when, at the age of sixteen, he became partisan dispatch rider of a libertarian brigade. This is his story, which is not just the story of the seventeenth victim of the bombing of Piazza Fontana, but of a man who loved his family and was proud of his job, who read poetry and flew kites, a man who lived his time with passion, fighting for a better future. Till the very end. His life events were ‘accidentally’ interrupted on the night between the 15th and 16th December 1969, in the thick of the strategy of tension and of darkest plots. But below the open window Pinelli’s individual history became collective. A history that concerns all of us. A history still in the making.

is a journalist and a novelist. In 1995 he won the first edition of the Ilaria Alpi prize for investigative journalism. He has been working for the third channel the Italian national television (rai 3) since 1996. Pasi is also a guitar player and a composer.

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