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Caffo, La Cecla

Luglio 2020
176 pp.
EAN 9788833020747
Carmelo Bene said that "we need to make our life complicated". And Franco La Cecla has done precisely so.

Franco La Cecla - Leonardo Caffo

Intruding means crossing boundaries, invading fields, digging up the soil... For about a year La Cecla, anthropologist, has been meeting up with Caffo, philosopher, to re-examine a personal experience which is most of all an excuse to recount circumstances and environments. So, from Sicily in the nineteen seventies and anti-militaristic and environmental activism, we get to the present times, marked with the debates with international starchitecs and academic establishments locked in a disciplinary order that does not allow any form of exception, admixture, let alone intrusion. It is precisely these violations of the established order that mark a seventy-year-long existential path made of encounters with extraordinary people, like Doglio and Illich, Feyerabend and Augé, Foucault and Piano, and of similarly extraordinary places, like Berkeley, Istanbul or Bombay, which lose their geographical aspect to become living landscapes. What results of this is an existential trajectory full of turns, reversals and deviations, a movement which at the same time is capable of drafting a truly open map for the next generations of 'impertinent' thinkers.

FRANCO LA CECLA, anthropologist and urban planner, has taught Cultural Anthropology in Berkeley, Paris, Venice, Bologna, and Milan. Among his most translated works are Contro l'architettura (2008) [Contre l'Architecture, Arléa (2011); Against Architecture, PM Press (2012); Contra a Arquitetura, Caleidoscópio (2011); Eνaντια στην αρχιτεκτονικη, Το Δοντι (2009); 反建築, Kajima Institute (2011)], Modi bruschi. Antropologia del maschio (2010) [Machos: sin animo de ofender, Siglo XXI (2003); Ce qui fait un homme, anthropologie de la masculinité, Liana Levi (2004); Αποτομοι Τροποι Η Ανθρωπολογια Του Αρσενικου, Κεδροσ (2004); Szorstkim być. Antropologia mężczyzny, Siel (2013)].

LEONARDO CAFFO teaches Theoretical Philosophy at Politecnico di Torino and Phenomenology of the Visual Arts at NABA Milan. Author and radio host for Rai Radio 3, he's a regular contributor to periodicals «Corriere della Sera», «Domus» and «Flash Art».

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