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Lega, Celestini
conversazione su matti, precari, anarchici e altre pecore nere

percorso fotografico di Maila Iacovelli, Fabio Zayed / Spot the Difference
160 pp./ ill.
EAN 9788896904152


When I tell something on the stage, I'm not writing a newspaper article. Nor am I telling something that happened to me in a pizzeria. And I'm not even doing a job! Otherwise I may end up to behave like the institutions who take the right to tell the truth, to say once and for all how things are going. The institution that wants to take the absolute between humans seems awful to me. In short, you cannot just tell a story because it is important that people know it: if it is only that, then write an article, write an essay, not a show or a a song ... The subjetcs are not things to talk about, but they're just things, objects, objects that I get on stage.
Ascanio Celestini

Along the thread of his own experience in a biographical narrative which is full of anecdotes, provocations, idiosyncrasies, loves, jokes, Ascanio Celestini, great storyteller of our time, appears for the first time in the open. This book - the result of his conversations with Alessio Lega, songwriter and outof-scheme intellectual - it's simply another show by Ascanio. As in all his books and in all his films,Ascanio gives voice to plural, choral narration through a single voice. But this time the staged character is just himself: Celestini Ascanio, the son of Nino and Piera Comin ... food, theater, anthropology, fatherhood, writing, armed struggle, death, cinema, migrants, the asylum, the memory ... Ascanio depicts with extraordinary human and intellectual rigor that made him the most popular comedian of the younger generation, the playwright who is read as a novelist, the most respected TV star who never watches television.

Ascanio is a medieval preacher without doctrine but with many a knowledge, he is a multiple-voice comedian. His speech hardly starts from an "I". Ascanio is a Platonic dialogue rather than an essay by Aristotle. He lives before writing and manages to live up written things. His responses are continuously transformed into a staged show where hundreds of real and virtual characters materialize. If in his speech there are more than three sentences, it is already a drama.
Alessio Lega

Ascanio Celestini (Rome, 1972) is the most pupular voice of narrative theater, which comes from a non-academic training in anthropology on orality, reinterpreted in very original formulas of popular literature and history, offering highly innovative theater shows - based on torrential narrative monologues. In less than twenty years Celestini produced a dozen of shows, written and performed entirely by him, with a huge public success and critical acclaim.

Alessio Lega (Lecce, 1972), "poet-singer", stubbornly convinced that changing the world is always possible, even with music, wrote his first songs in 1985.

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