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La Cecla
i rituali dell'abbandono nell'era dei social network

168 pp.
EAN 9788896904688
A short ethical guide for goodbyes in the time of liquid love and texts.

non fiction

It seems that our society is unable to make relationships last. In Europe the "eternal love" lasts by now less than three years. To leave or to be left by someone should then be something very ordinary, but still today it puts us in a dramatic situation that often we are not able to deal with. There's a widespread ignorance of the art of farewell, even more evident now in a time in which goodbyes are mediated by mobiles, mails, texts. And the tragic perspective of the end of a love story lies in the estrangement between real love and the metaphysics of the eternal love (and of the happy marriage), typical of the catholic order and of Hollywood, that still pushes us to look for the woman or the man of our life. For this reason every goodbye has to be immediately removed, it has to be fast and cruel, often unleashing the "barbaric that lives in us" so to be able to restart and convince ourselves and the others that the next one will be the right one…

Franco La Cecla, anthropologist and urban planner, has taught Cultural Anthropology in Berkeley, Paris, Venice, Bologna, and Milan.
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