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The human factor

"What do you do for a living?"
"I work in Philosophical counseling".
Oh dear! The enemy's lingo, as that old fox Jung would've said.
But instead:
"Here I listen to people who blow off steam, who empty their sack"
Sounds better this way, doesn't it?

Preface by Piero Cipriano

More and more often, people turn to psychiatry as a cure-all that can solve problems that we don't know who else could solve. Yet there's huge distance between the diagnostic classifications of psychiatry and the single individual with his/her very peculiar story. Starting from the everyday experience of a day hospital, these reflections account for a new extra-therapeutic profession whose purpose is to give voice to the humanity of those that go through psychiatric wards.  And most times this is what so called 'patients' need: to express an intimate affliction that is not always necessarily synonymous with a psychiatric condition and on the contrary refers to very specific social problems such as unemployment, financial restrictions, loneliness, lack of assistance. All issues that psychiatry in no way can solve, even if it insists of dispensing diagnostic labels and pharmaceutical treatment to whoever sets foot in a psychiatric ward. An approach which is believed to be scientific and that is nonetheless inadequate in handling the extreme – irreducible- human variability.

Lorenza Ronzano, having completed a master in Philosophy and Psychology, taught literature in various public and private schools, to then start working as a clinical philosopher in the psychiatric ward of Alessandria's hospital. In 2014 she made her debut with the novel Zolfo (selected for Campiello's debut novel literary prize in 2014; shortlisted for the Alvaro award in 2015). Some extracts of her work have been published in "World Literature Today", "Wall Street International" and "Minima&Moralia".