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Avvertenze per il visitatore curioso

136 pp.
EAN 9788889490334
Museum stuff - Tips for the curious visitor

keywords -Museology, Critical travelling

Who has never gone into a museum ? Some people consider it a requisite place for their cultural and civil education – others (and they are the majority) view any museum as a boring place. This perception, however, is rapidly changing. As an example, in the last three decades, visitors at the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence have increased from 50,000 to 1,500,000 per year. This shocking data demonstrates that museums are no more a reserve for academics and scholars, but are now part of the leisure and entertainment industry.  Along the way that lead visitors through the different levels that make up a museum, from the ticket office to the contemplation of works of art, this book reveals the background and secrets of these institutions – why some works are in and some others are not? how is the ticket money invested? do museums establish real standards of quality and beauty? etc.

Andrea Perin works in Milano  as museum architect and designer of art exhibitions (the most recent, Maestri della scultura in legno nel Ducato degli Sforza) and museums (including the National Archeological Museum of Vigevano). He is also keen on cooking traditions and published with Elèuthera La fame aguzza l'ingegno, a book of "poor" recipes now at its second edition.
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