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Codello, Pezzica, Senta, Boni
Cronache di incontri realmente avvenuti in Edicola 518, Perugia

Ottobre 2019
A cura di Antonio Brizioli
176 / ill. pp.
EAN 9788833020631
Anarchism is not something one learns. It is understood via direct contagion of those who every day embody its ideals of freedom.

Lessons In Anarchy

Chronicles of encounters that acctually took place at Edicola 518, Perugia

Works by Francesco Codello, Stefano Boni, Antonio Senta e Lorenzo Pezzica
Edited by Antonio Brizioli
Drawings by Beppe Giacobbe

Anarchy is a polyphonic knowledge, pluralistic, rich and above all extremely current. A dense set of practices and theories that may contain the tools to face the urgent issues of a present time which is evermore diffusely felt as unsatisfying. We live in a present that is rich in licensing and poor in freedom, in which everything can be bought, including the right of ‘being against’ as long as one abdicates from the start the pretension of putting into question our way of thinking and living with others. The piazza in Perugia where Edicola 518 is located- a beautiful open air garden with an exquisite fountain – has been rediscovered as the right place to retreat from the accelerated pace of the contemporary world and stop for a moment to reflect on and debate these topics, renouncing any assumed knowledge and trying to go back to the roots: to understand the historical processes and question them again. Four lessons aimed at four great issues that regard our lives and torment our daily existence, each of them assigned to a different ‘professor’: Stefano Boni has spoken about work, Francesco Codello of education, Antonio Senta of organisational self-management and Lorenzo Pezzica about democracy. The text is lavished with paratext, comments, bibliographies and annotations added over the following months. For over a year this has been our workbook. We now want to share it, for you to add your own annotations.

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